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I've begun some work for the F123 Project which is an attempt to put accessible Raspberry Pi computers into the hands of people, particularly children, in parts of the developing world such as rural South America and Africa.

I thank Fernando and the F123 team for some help in increasing the accessibility of the Pi by making it possible to devote some time to writing some code to interface Emacspeak to my OMX audio code, which solves the stuttering eSpeak text-to-speech problem on the Pi.

I'd also like to give my thanks, and that of Fernando of the F123 project, to Jacob Marsh of for the kind donation of a Pi, a transparent case and a PSU to be sent out to Fernando for use in pitching his case for funding to possible backers in Brazil. is a great UK site from which to buy stuff relating to Pi hacking, and other platforms as well such as Beaglebone and Arduino. They also ship world-wide.