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Raspberry Pi Zero Released!

Today, the 26th of November 2015, sees the release of the latest version of the Raspberry Pi.
This is the Raspberry Pi Zero.

It is a very cut-down version of the present boards, and at approximately 65 x 30 x 5 millimetres it is significantly smaller than the other versions.

More specifications:

  • No full-sized USB ports
  • No ethernet
  • No composite video
  • No analogue audio
  • Unpopulated 40-pin GPIO bus

What's so exciting about a board that has less? I hear you say.

Well, for one thing, the cost. At about £4 ($5) this is really a throw-away device now, costing less than a pint of beer in most places in the UK nowadays.

The intention is to provide a very low cost version of the Pi, more suitable for use in embedded aplications and robotics than the current versions.

A 40-pin GPIO header can be soldered into place, and yields a bus which is pin-for-pin compatible with the earlier versions, Model + and Model B+ Version 2.

I have added a physical description of the Pi Zero to the 'Getting Started' document on this site.