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All about Raspberry VI.

Here you can read all about Raspberry VI and what this site is for, and also view answers to frequently asked questions.  

Q: What is a Raspberry Pi?

As it says on the web pages of the Raspberry Pi Foundation, a Gnu/Linux computer for $35 (about £25 GBP)

Q: Why is this web-site so plain?  There are no fancy graphics or videos.

These pages are for the sharing of ideas, experiences and information about using the Raspberry Pi when you're blind or visually impaired (hence VI).  Graphics and videos just get in the way and slow down browsing with a screen-reader.

Not only that, videos and fancy graphics are not needed to convey an idea simply.

Q: Is this site connected with the people at the Raspberry Pi Foundation?

No.  Nothing you see on this site is endorsed by the Foundation.  We are not connected.  The name of the site isn't an attempt to steal hits from them. P and V are a long way apart on the keyboard.

Q: Can anyone post stuff here?

No. The web masters don't have the time to thoroughly police the site and we feel it's safer and better for everyone to limit the number of people who can post here. Only because of time constraints.  Anyone who has cool stuff to share can send us the notes which we will post up on the site.

Q: Where can I talk to other visually impaired users of the Raspberry Pi?

Join our mailing list.

To do this send an email to this address with 'subscribe' in the subject line (without the quotes of course).

Q: Are there many members?

Over a hundred as of the start of 2015. I haven't put the exact numbers up here because it keeps changing.

Q: Is there much traffic on the list?

A fair amount.  It tends to fluctuate. One post tends to spark another. Especially when a member has something cool or exciting to share.

Q: Are there any screen-readers running on the Pi?

We have speakup running in the console. This involved some library code to use the GPU directly to render text-to-speech because the ALSA driver tends to stutter very badly.

With the release of the Pi version 2 I hope to have Orca running very soon.

Q: What other accessibility (a11y) features are available on it?

Nothing out-of-the-box with the images from the Raspberry Pi Foundation. But there are images on this site to download.

Q: I want to know more...

Then what are you waiting for? Join our mailing list!